1. What materials do you use? Colours?

Fire rated (BS standard) rip-stop nylon, PVC, PU coated nylon, printed polyester rip-stop and other materials for display purposes. All materials vary in weight and have a large selection of great colors.


2. Air conditioning?

The inflatable structures can be designed to fit air conditioning units, for cooling or heating. We can also design in extractor ports if required.


3. Lighting?

Colour changing or white LED lights are very effective as ambient lighting when placed inside the wall cavities of the inflatables as they make the inflatables glow. The colour changing LEDs can be remote controlled. We can also incorporate lightweight ceiling “down-lights” into the structures. Lots of different lighting styles can be used inside the inflatables and many clients will chose to set up small trussing units inside the larger scaled structures to rig lights, podium speakers, party and disco style lighting and more. Lighting is key for creating the desired atmosphere. Please ask us for more information about this.


4. Prices?

Our prices vary depending on the size/scale, detail, materials, printing/branding power requirements and design and manufacturing time. Because of these aspects we have a lot of flexibility to work inside our clients requirements and budgets. Please contact us for more information or for a price list for our inflatable products range. Hello@studiosouffle.com


5. Flooring?

There are many different types of flooring we use in the inflatables. .... For example one of the popular products for flooring is made of heavy-duty yet lightweight plastic in 50cm x 50cm squares that snap together. After laying out the required size for in the inflatable it can then be covered with an industrial carpet, exhibition carpet or any other flooring. We also have very good green environmental options made of recycled materials. We can supply this if required or guide u in the right direction for ordering 


6. Transportation

Because the inflatables are made out of lightweight rip-stop nylon and the size and the support is created by air this means there are no hard heavy metal poles they pack down very small and can easily be transported. Most of them fit inside a wheeling suitcase and can be taken on public transport or checked into flight luggage. Depending on the size of the structure. Bigger structures can be usually transported in a small car up to a van with all the accessories such as fans, ballasts, lighting, etc. all of these variables means we can easily ship them anywhere in the world :-) 


7. Instillation 


8. Storage

The Inflatables pack down very small in comparison to other structures. .............


Before packing them away it is best to makes sure they are clean and dry. If the inflatables are wet for too long they can become mildewed and it can damage the material. To insure the long life of the inflatable it is important to look after them with care and consideration.


9. Cleaning

To clean dirt or grease spots you can use a citrus cleaner or dish soap and warm water. For spot cleaning on the structures, WD40 or lighter fluid are quick drying and easy. If the structures are small enough they can be placed in a washing machine on a cold wash cycle. To dry, inflate in a clean dry environment. For speed drying heaters can be placed inside the inflated structure. Please be careful not to put 


10. Accessories, windows, fan port extensions, hang-ability, fans, lights etc.


11. What can be made?

Because we work with airflow structures and not airtight our tooling costs are much lower. The structures we make are all hand sewn; this means our designs can be elaborate and inventive. We can make almost anything J


12. How many times can it be used, how long does it last?

The inflatables are quite durable and can be used multiple times. Occasionally they might need to be patched but if they are looked after properly they can be used for many years. The fans have a running life of around 50,000 hours. Sometimes an inflatable might require a new fan. One our biggest challenges in the world of inflatables is educating prospective clients on their perception that inflatables are not robust.



13. Shipping

We work in a way that best suits our clients. If a client has established shipping methods and they are happy to use their resources for this we can supply an FOB price for any products that are manufactured over seas. We can provided shipping if needed and it will be outlined in the breakdown of the invoice. Often it is better for the client to have a member of our company on site for installation or training on installation techniques. In these cases we can personally bring the structure with us to site.



14. Power, fans

There are many different types of fans that can be used for different sized structures. Below are two of the most common:

Gibbons fan: 1.1 killowats

ACI fans: 150 watts


15. Noise levels?



16. Weather?



17. Sizes/engineering/structural requirements?

Anything below 24 meters diameter we can safely manufacture without an engineers report. If an engineers report is required we can provide this with the designs.


18. Fire, health, safety?

The materials we use are all fire rated, official documents for this can be provided. Depending on the countries fire certificate requirements we can source materials and documentation with these materials. Method statements and risk assessments can also be provided if needed.


19. Rental?

We do not do much work with rentals right now. But are looking into options for the future. If there are any quires regarding rentals we are happy to discuss options for this, the nature of our work requires us to be flexible with our solutions.


20. Environmental impact?


21. Set up / take down time?

Depending on the size of the structure and the power of the fans the inflation time can be between 30sec. - 10min. Total time for set up or take down of the structure itself is roughly 30 min. if using ballasts or ground anchors this might take about 1.5 hours. More time should be allotted for other elements i.e. if a floor is being put down or lighting/technical elements are involved.


22. What's special about SS - quality, ethos, customer support?

We have very good customer relations and moral standing. We keep good regular communications and updates. We work to tight deadlines and in all sorts of hours and are very good problem solvers. Our products are made using high quality materials and attention to details. Technical details are always a welcome challenge to us making sure all aspects of a clients specs are catered for.


23. Projections?

The material we use can be projected onto for presentations, film, art. We can also build around a specific project screen or monitor if required.


24. Guarantees?

We supply a 1 year manufactures guarantee and the electrical components are also on a 1 year guarantee.


25. Repairing

Repairs can be done on site with our portable sewing equipment (this is best for large structures). The structures can also be sent to our London studio to be repaired or updated. In emergencies, we can give advice on the best way to do quick repairs.


26.  Where can I buy products?

You can buy directly through us via telephone or e-mail or through one of our representatives.


27. How we work... 2d drawing-3d image etc


28. Testimonials


29. Our structure range


30. Making objects & structure, where and how?

Anything that is below 11meters (diameter/length) we usually make in our east London based studio. We use a plotter for  making large scale patterns and hand cut all the pieces. The structure/object is then hand sewn on an old 1930s industrialised sewing machine to a very high standard.  For large runs (5+) or for very large structures we have made in our factory in China. We have used them for many years and trust in their high quality and production skills.


31. Ground anchoring 

Ground anchoring depends on what type of ground the structure is being placed on and size of structure. All outdoor structures are designed with webbing loops around the base that can be staked into soft ground. We can also put webbing loops higher up on the structure for guy lines. Guys lines provide much stronger anchoring and from an engineering perspective give the structure far more stability against wind and the outside elements. All of our structures are made with a zip along the base so ballasts (sand, water, cement, etc.) can be placed inside to keep the structure walls in place and to provide stability.


32. Indoors vs. outdoors

On our outdoor structures we make sure that the base is made of a hard-wearing PVC material. To keep the weight and packing size down the rest of the structure is made with ripstop. Care should still be exercised when setting up and taking down so that the material does not scrape on hard rough surfaces and become damaged. This will keep your structure clean and provide a longer life span for the structure.

Indoor structures are made using mostly ripstop on the base. We usually do not need to design a roof on indoor structures and it will pack down much smaller because of this.

A structure is not limited to be used for the indoor or outdoor. If whether conditions are ok an indoor structure can be used inside and an outdoor structure can always be used inside provided there is enough space.


33. Airtight vs. cold airflow 

Airtight inflatables are difficult to maintain easily getting punctures and occasionally expanding out of shape. They cost a lot to make due to tooling expenses and only become financially viable for a very large order of 1,000+. Because they are so susceptible to punctures it is nearly impossible to make a large structure an airtight.

Cold airflow inflatables are fantastic as they can be used many times and have a far longer life span. They can be lit beautifully and can be made to very large sizes.


34. Branding/printing 

Studio Soüfflé is a very brand aware company and we pay attention to the detail. We understand how important it is for a brand identity to be presented correctly. We can print directly onto the material we use for making structures to pantone reference numbers,


35. What can inflatables be used for? - weddings, -children's parties etc.


36. Why they are better?

Because there are no large heavy metal elements needed for support on the structures they are fantastic for shipping, storing and very easy and fast to install. We can make almost any shape and colour! They can be fully branded and customised. The life span of a product is very long if looked after properly!



37. History of inflatables - maybe can be in a separate page...? Evolution 


38. Our history how we got into it?


39. Future technology, current technology?

Our R&D is always focused on the newest technologies in fans, materials and lighting. We are often found excitedly looking at products at trade shows and online. Focussing on creating new technologies in the construction of inflatables with pneumatic movable features and incorporating visual or sound effects.


40. Not just for kids/not bouncy castles.

One of the biggest challenges we face when approaching companies about our work is the preconception of inflatables meaning bouncy castles, or even.. well, the unmentionable sorts. We like to keep things fresh and new and are constantly changing our descriptive texts on what it is we actually do. “air supported structures,” “bespoke installations,” “one-of a kind inflatable pods,” “unique inflated window displays,” any suggestions for this are more than welcome!






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